Friday, November 17, 2006

Shawl for Friend

Well, I am almost finished with my Brother's Prayer shawl. Have about a skein to go and then the boarder. Think I will put some of Betty's thread around it. I have also picked out and started my friend's belated birthday shawl. As long as I get it finished by the end of November then It will still be in Her Birthday Month.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Military Celebration

I have a person in Iraq. I am in the development stages finding a green Army Blanket. I will be going to the Army surplus this weekend. On my Army Blanket Coat, I will be doing by hand the Army Emblem. I am knitting the arms now. I will not be using WOOL Thread. Allergy very bad. So, I will be backing my blanket or have to choose a different Green Blanket.
Interesting problem.

First Day at Blogging

I just created my blog. This is interesting. Will see if it is a good thing for me.
Wonder What I will be doing on 11/16/2008?
Posting more Grand Artwork.