Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winning a Handmade Journal

I could not believe my eyes!   The email said I was the winner! 
I won a Handmade Pocket Sketchbook by Janice!
My Sketchbook  is going to have a long Journey coming to America.   I will certainly have to add the flavor of  Australia into my Janice Sketchbook.   
My Journal is to be a Journal of JOY!   I will fill with Bible Verses.  Illumination of letters, Old Testament Sites,  As much of JOY! that I can put into a Pocket Journal.  
A treasure for all Time!  I look forward to posting its arrival and of its pages for all to see.

Thank-you so much Janice for allowing us to have the unique opportunity to Win such a wonderful thoughtful work of Art.
Please visit Janice's  blog:  www.fripperee.wordpress.com

Sherrie  Roberts 

((( Circle of Jouranal Hugs )))

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quilt Knit: Win a Handmade Sketchbook

Quilt Knit: Win a Handmade Sketchbook

Win a Handmade Sketchbook

"Happy Holiday Season" Everyone!     

How would you like to win a Handmade Sketchbook?   Just go to Janice's blog:   Friperee(N):   fripperee.wordpress.com   Purveyor of nonsense adornments and other frivolities.  
The sketchbooks are beautiful!  You can keep up with Her blog by rss feed to your blog.
Everyone should love to enter to win a 
Handmade Sketchbook.   
I know many of you have been disappointed by Commercial made sketchbook.  Here is your chance to have one with known papers.    How wonderful!  It would be to have a truly  "Handmade Sketchbook"  for this "Holiday Season".

Sherrie Roberts

PS!  Just click on the Title of my post and you will be taken to Janice"s blog.  

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quilt Knit: October VSD

Quilt Knit: October VSD

October VSD

 Well, of course the first thing I should have stated is this is  Prismacolor Pencils only!  Nothing else.   Thank you for reminding me  Regina.   I drew it on heavy paper 70lb Utrecht.   
I think that electronic colors tend to be brighter on monitors.  Especially, when using pure color. 
Hi! Well, I am hoping the fourth attempt at download, is the One.
I think I have reported everything to Blogger in past week. 
This was an exciting piece.  I I loved photographing this piece. 
I love doing the VSD- Virtual Sketch Date.   This photo was kindly donated by Belinda Lindhardt.    I am going to photograph again.  It is views as if it is on pink paper.  I assure you 
it is on white paper.   At least it did upload.  My link did not work for Belinda, I am sorry.
Will work on this some more.
All this new elements on Blogger and something is not correct.
I hope you all like my take on the photograph.  I can only say that I am anxious and giddy for November.    
Sherrie Roberts  

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quilt Knit: Photos- VSD August Virtual Sketch Day

Quilt Knit: Photos- VSD August Virtual Sketch Day

Photos- VSD August Virtual Sketch Day

Hi! I just thought I would put the photos on top of my VSD sketch of my version for the August VSD. Please see everyones results and magnificent Artwork: At the link above this post. Here, all you have to do is click on the names in orange to see the beautiful work. Please enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My VSD - Virtual Sketch Day - Sketch of "Star Cabbage"

Well, I finally got to finish My "Star Cabbage" I have a present coming for all of those that Used my photo and made entry for VSD - August. I am just as excited for September as I was for August.
I have been deliberately late in adding mine. I was hoping to have my Gift for you ready. Please give me a couple of more days to present my Gift to You! I do apologize.

Sherrie Roberts

Ike Hurricane has left His mark!

Let us all pray for all those who have endured Ike.

Sherrie Roberts

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurrican Gustav

Let us all Pray for the best for all those on the Gulf Coast. We can be thankful that at this moment Hurricane Gustav is weakened to a Catagory 2 Hurricane. There will still me much pain and loss.
I hope We will learn, it is not the Govenment, it is 'We The People' that need to step up and make the preparations for each of Our states, cities, counties. When this lesson is learned and we go and do our jobs and make plans, instead of thinking our neighbor on the board, Mayor, Councilman, President, Vice-President etc has made the plans, then the tragedies will not be as devastating.

Quilt Knit: VSD for July

Quilt Knit: VSD for July

Here is an excellent demonstration of how Leslie Hawes approached the
July-VSD-Virtual Sketch Day! You will learn from this posting.

VSD for July

Photo supplied by Leslie Hawes. "Sunquats"

Here are both my pieces for VSD: Virtual Sketch Day - July.
I am most pleased with both pieces. I loved everyone Artwork for the June VSD and for July VSD. VSD has had a profound effect on me. I just love the concept of rendering a Beautiful original artwork, from someone's Photo.
I belief it is because of all the 'Studio Drawing' I had in College.
Seeing these wonderful finished pieces and the approach used by each person in the VSD challenge to capture the Unique area of the Photo, well it is almost overwhelming. In 'Studio Classes', one did not get to choose the medium to execute the huge and varied stills confronting you at 0700a.m. in the morning and a finished piece to be turned in by 1200a.m. Choosing your own media came as the surprise on the 'Final Test Day". How shocking if you did not carry all you mediums with you and had not the opportunity to be told by those before you of such a shock! I wonder if I would have learned more in my 'Studio Drawing' had there been a class where the Student chose which medium to work in that day? I regret there was not a Still set up to explore the use of photography. (Something to confront.)
VSD-Virtual Sketch Day! is a wonderful open opportunity for those who choose to participate.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Quilt Knit: Cabbage for August VSD! "The Star"

Cabbage for August VSD! "The Star"

Hi! Everyone! I have put both the Color and the Black and White Photos up. I had just uploaded the B&W in Flickr this morning. I hope you enjoy! The VSD for this month. Waiting is so hard!

Thank-you for the first comments on the Photo for this Months VSD Leslie.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun about the Telephones


Now you know what happened to Ma Bell!

What you do not know is the absolute, pathetic, situation of telephone wires into your houses and the left over, unrepaired, never replaced LEAD PIPES, carrying your wire into your house. Remember, You and Yours and Pets walk across the land being
polluted by these LEAD PIPES. Not one Business that has anything to do with DSL, or Telephones have been keeping up
or repairing these wires and pipes and boxes for nearly 60 years or more. Not since Ma Bell was broken up and the Babies
were suppose to pull their weight and decided Crumbling wire and high prices to the customer was the best policy.
Not one congressman in any form has responded to my questions. City, County, State, Federal.
You would think the Federal Government would have demanded the slip shod wiring would be a major overhaul
for the safety of all concerned. Guess when an official is burnt by lightening. Some type of Government will

More to come with photos too!

Monday, August 11, 2008

VSD for August

August VSD is going to be a wonderful time! By the chance of commenting first on the July VSD. I get to supply the photo for the month of August. So, one of these photos is going to be a star. VSD is a lot of fun.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Knitting socks

Here is a "Secret Knitter". Seems Socks are the main theme these days. Will upload the second person I saw later.

Virtual Drawing

Wow! This was fun except for a 'bump' with blogger upload.
I really just had a lot of fun with this photo.
I must also, include that this picture is from a photo supplied by Leslie Hawes.
The fruit is called a Sunquat, a cross between a kumquat and a lemon. I really enjoyed the
abstract handling I did and enjoyed all the CP involved.

Thank-you so much!

Sherrie Roberts

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Photos- the last ones! Mother's Day!

Mother's Day!

Here are photos of my Mother and Her Mother. They are the last that I have before their deaths.
My GrandMother was at her highest weight of Her life. Her face was smooth and less wrinkled than I had ever seen.
Even, as a very small child Her face was terribly wrinkled from working in the sun Pulling corn and hoeing crops.
It was a hot day in May, it was my youngest college graduation and Birthday! This is the last time I would
see both my Parents together. My Mother had dyed Her hair a bright white without blueing as you see in my GrandMother's hair. As Mother and Daughter they conflicted with each other on how to rear children, religion, work, clothes, My GrandMother was on Her death bed when Her daughter came home.

Love to All! ((( Circle of Mother's Day Hugs )))


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all!   

Friday, May 2, 2008

Every Day In May - Sketch

Here is my first sketch for May!   I uploaded at the time of my son's birth.   Happy Birthday Brilund. 
I see this wonderful view of the Cold North Atlantic Ocean everyday.  It is freezing here, even frost on the ground.
Today, storms are expected.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Working from Home

Well, I am in the first group of my department to be chosen to work outside the office.
I signed the papers on May 21st.  Sorry, not allowed to show the papers.  I did take pictures. I have copies.   I need a filing cabinet for my work papers.   I am redoing my large spacious everything room.   I am going to be happy working from home.  No commute.  
No, Starbucks!  Oh! well.   More money for Art.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Day for Sketchbook

Well, I am headed out the door for some sketching and to give my son some space at home with his WII machine.   Well, the daylight beckons.  
All have a wonderful day filled with a ((( Grand Circle of Hugs of Life))).
Sherrie R. 

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Adventure

Well, I know I have been busy.  Putting all things together and throwing out.  Yesterday, I could not believe It.  An opportunity at work has opened and I signed up immediately.   Ok, so did a lot of other people.  So, I ask, please keep good thoughts for me.  This will be so much for me!  I cannot say what it is,  But I am planning to be one of the 10 chosen in the experiment.
((( Circle of Hugs )))
Sherrie R.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Everyone needs a cloth bag!

Here is a group of Army wives staying busy by producing custom bags.   Hope you like them.
They do just about anything you want and Top Quality.
Enjoy!     Just click on the title and you will go to the website.  

Monday, March 17, 2008

My First Moleskin Notebook

Here are my first sketches in my very first Moleskin book.   This is just a sampling of my sketches in this book. 

Friday, March 14, 2008

Blogger Video Help VS Blogger Read A Billion loose end files

Well blogger is going to give us video Help!   Will it better than Billions of line of type that range from  the -0 page of ten words or or a page with Billions of line and winds up with not enough information?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blogger Buzz for Party - No help for the Users

Blogger Sings the Blues:
Well here it is!  How many days without being able to customize your blog.   No scroll bar available.  This problem has been posted on all sites available in  report a problem,  inside the cumbersome endless post going nowhere for the user.   There is tons of junk and no reliable HELP.  We cannot get to anyone.    Why?  We need this issues addressed.  Blogger is a great part of OUR lives.   Now, no photos!  Ugh!   I am sending Blogger my Doctors bills for Depression in using the Internet.  It is probably true,  the internet has run out of space and Blogger is the first
casualty and is taking US with the demise.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Leaving Day!

Well, today is the official end of my Birthday week long celebration.   Daylight  saving time is back.   My son will be packing in the next few days to get on to His next assignment.   My other son will be here of course.   I start renewing my view of the computer at Apple.   Another of my gifts from my sons.  Classes to catch the old Lady up on computer knowledge.   Wow!  I gave them their first lessons on an IBM PCJr.  One of the best desk top computers ever presented to the American public.   Yes,  it used DOS.   You got one chance to download your software.   After that you had to beg if something went wrong.   My next computer was a PowerMac.   I had died and gone to Heaven.    Now, I sit in front of an iMac and a PC notebook and a Mac notebook.
Wow!  Oh, drum roll!!!!   Now, the whole family is iPhone.  One of us now has a 16gb iPhone.
I am looking forward to the next generation iPhone family.  I have Flickr and iPhoto, a super Nikon with two wonderful lenses.   Canvas painted and being painted.   eBay and Etsy stores.
I am having fun.   ((( Circle of Fun Hugs to All )))

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday!  My sons are with me!  That is all I need today.   They are taking me to dinner at the Mall where my Youngest, Brilund, works.   I am happy and healthy.   
I want to thank all the blogs I read.  I love you all.  I want to say that all are in My Prayers.  
I send  you all the ((( Circle of Healing Angels to Help you with all your Needs))).

Happy Birthday to Me!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flu Viruses

I hope no one is experiencing the Flu.   Well, I am.   I had one awful virus in August.  Took the flu shot in October and now I have a Flu not covered in the shot.   Just my luck.  
Going out for some fluids.  It snowed more than they thought.   I going to lay down for a couple of hours and then go and get more fluids.   No, I am going Coke and OJ now.
Everyone take care.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two of My Pollocks

Here are two more of my Pollock inspired paintings.   Each time I do a another one I find that the paint has a different feel and flow.   It dries differently. 
The colors interact with each other in a complete different way.   Yellow is enveloped by darks, and White leaves small faint lines like the dust waves in Sunshine.   Branching out and adding glitter brings even more diverse 

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pollock Matters

This is a wonderful article on the Pollock Matters show.
There are many more articles about the 32 found experimental Pollocks.
The verdict is that the 32 pieces are not Pollocks.

Spring! I looking to Spring!

Here are two new Jackson Pollock inspired paintings. I have been studying His work alongside my study of the Impressionist.
Not such a strange combination.

These are both for sell on ebay. I am happy with all my 32 plus Jackson Pollock inspired works. I became interested in His work and how it works after Boston College had the showing of the found Experimental Jackson Pollocks in Herbert Matthews storage facility after His death. You can read the Boston Globe on the show here: http://www.boston.com/ae/theater_arts/articles/2007/02/18/did_he_or_didnt_he/?p1=MEWell_Pos5.
At this site you can see one of the "Found JP Paintings". :http://www.boston.com/ae/theater_arts/articles/2007/02/18/did_he_or_didnt_he/?p1=MEWell_Pos5

In list you will find a link to the McMullen Museum Boston College that had the show. For me it was just a brilliant display of so much on the lives of all the artist involved. Herbert Matters, His wife, Mercedes Carles, Jackson Pollock and His wife, Lee Krasner and showed the influence of Hans Hoffman and Alexander Calder, and the life of Matters and Carles son Alex. He is the one that found the paintings wrapped in brown paper and marked experimental Jackson pollocks.
The show was curated by Ellen G. Landau.   The link is above.  

It was a wonderful and exciting show. I am so thankful I was in Boston and could see the show more than once.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mass Killings at Universities and Malls and Schools- Why?

I remember August 1, 1966. 14 people killed and 31 wounded from the University of Texas at Austin. The killer Charles Joseph Whitman. Why? He killed His Mother and Wife, then climbed the tower.
How many could I list under this one?
How many more will there be in my lifetime?
How many will be attributed to -- He had a brain tumor! He quit taking His medicine to emulate the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theory, He was such a brilliant student! He knew He could control the Evil Side. He just wanted to take someone else with Him.
Life Cheated HIm, so He Cheated Someone else out of their Life.
I am so saddened by the destruction at the Northern Illinois University.
You cannot get away from the horror.
I walked in and I had to see this Man's Father being harrassed by the media.
My heart goes out to His Parents and all the Parents and Family.

Let us all Pray! ((( Circle of Angels Hugs Descend on all of US, Give Us Guidance and Comfort)))

Monday, February 4, 2008

18-1 Patriots

Well, 18-1  is a great way to end a year!   Go Patriots!   I still want a parade!   Patriot fans deserve to celebrate a brilliant team.   I hope that Bruschi and Seau will play this coming year.  
We need them all back.  I hope it a year they can also add new players.
We need Our Dream Team 19=0 next year.   
The Patriots gave us a Grand Year of Football. 

Go Patriots!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Computer

Well, I have my new computer.  I have been reading the articles by Katherine Tyrrell.  I get more and more confused everyday.   It is as if everyone is giving up on selling with ebay.   I know there are problems.  However, I am going to do my best to be an ebay seller.  I am also going to sell at etsy and see which is the most effective.  There are a couple of more places such as my website. 
Also from my blog. 

If anyone wants information on my paintings please email me at artbysroberts@gmail.com

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Son Is Home in Alaska!

Well, I weathered the tour of duty in Iraq.   I am going to cut my hair in March, I think. 
Maybe not.    I have been cleaning everything today.   I have come to the conclusion, there must be a secret way of living in Boston,  that no one tells you how to do it.   I cannot believe how many people walk out the door everyday on LWOP,  voluntary, leave without Pay.    I wonder if they know working is how you will have a retirement.   The less hours you work, the less you receive in your retirement fund.    I am not taking any LWOP,  except if they make me work overtime.
I will be the first to sign up.  There payroll made hash out of Our overtime -forced- for Christmas.
I received not one penny of overtime.    How can you work and not bring home any money.
Well, I just got a call from My Killaurin,  He purchased a new Notebook computer and loaded Vista.   All was going well - till -  He loaded a game that He was playing on His old Warrior notebook He gave to me.   The game is XP based.  The old operating system.   I am telling all of you PCers  to go with caution.   Vista killed His PC.  It is locked solid.   It is costing $$ to have a recovery disk sent and no guarantee that the thing will work.   The recovery disk will not be to him until Wednesday or Thursday.   PC Help also kept him on line for over 45 minutes prime time.   With no help except more money and see if this works.   Beware of any software that is XP.   It will kill your Vista operating system.

 Boooooo Booooooo PC Vista!!!!!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Selling on ebay!

Hi! Everyone: I am selling on ebay! I have posted my first four of the 32 inspired Jackson Pollock acrylic paintings.
Please check out my ebay store.
I am having a great time with my Sons.
Hope everyone is doing well.

I have learned a lot about paint in doing these "Drip" painting and I am going to continue them for the rest of my life.
Hope everyone has recovered from, cuts, bruises, Flower Pot, and Pencil attacks, and no more burglaries.
I will do a progress in work. I have gotten the last to dvd disc of paintings off my camera and I am looking to the most productive Artistic year of my life.

((( Circle of Hugs )))

Sherrie Roberts

Sunday, January 13, 2008

With My Sons

This week belongs to My sons. I have them both with me. Patriots 17-0 and Ely won!
Starting off as a great week.
(( Circle of Hugs))


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Knitting Socks!

Hi! I will be posting a couple of knitting items shortly. Things happen and things get put away and then you have to find your way. I got lost by going to a refresher course in knitting socks. I spent good money for personal attention. I got personal attention. I had to buy a kit I did not want. I had dps. There was specific stitches I wanted to discuss and have my 30 minutes with the teacher and learn. The class was for all morning. People kept coming. No enough time in the day for personal time.
Then asking the teacher about the stitches as in group discussions as We all tried to knit Faerie socks. (Microscopic) Learning socks in miniature! Please! Well, when I asked about the stitches: This teacher ignores them. I have spoken with several other knit teachers representatives, all highly praised for their designs and teaching ability and designs. Seems none of them sit down and discuss this stitch..... Well, after letting it get me depressed, I have now gone back to my knitting and continuing to paint, draw, sketch, and photography. I will simply continue to work with this stitch until I feel it is accomplished in to my own self-satisfaction. Marta posted Her knitted sock today. Pink and beautiful. I love Her blog and I look forward to meeting Her and Her friends someday. I am waiting for the Pair of Socks photo. It is going to be a scream.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

What a start for the New Year!

Well, here is a shot after the last snow of December. No, We just missed the official snow fall record for December.
I am going to succeed. I just have to finish my photos. Then I am posting my Drip paintings up for sale.