Sunday, January 6, 2008

Knitting Socks!

Hi! I will be posting a couple of knitting items shortly. Things happen and things get put away and then you have to find your way. I got lost by going to a refresher course in knitting socks. I spent good money for personal attention. I got personal attention. I had to buy a kit I did not want. I had dps. There was specific stitches I wanted to discuss and have my 30 minutes with the teacher and learn. The class was for all morning. People kept coming. No enough time in the day for personal time.
Then asking the teacher about the stitches as in group discussions as We all tried to knit Faerie socks. (Microscopic) Learning socks in miniature! Please! Well, when I asked about the stitches: This teacher ignores them. I have spoken with several other knit teachers representatives, all highly praised for their designs and teaching ability and designs. Seems none of them sit down and discuss this stitch..... Well, after letting it get me depressed, I have now gone back to my knitting and continuing to paint, draw, sketch, and photography. I will simply continue to work with this stitch until I feel it is accomplished in to my own self-satisfaction. Marta posted Her knitted sock today. Pink and beautiful. I love Her blog and I look forward to meeting Her and Her friends someday. I am waiting for the Pair of Socks photo. It is going to be a scream.


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