Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winning a Handmade Journal

I could not believe my eyes!   The email said I was the winner! 
I won a Handmade Pocket Sketchbook by Janice!
My Sketchbook  is going to have a long Journey coming to America.   I will certainly have to add the flavor of  Australia into my Janice Sketchbook.   
My Journal is to be a Journal of JOY!   I will fill with Bible Verses.  Illumination of letters, Old Testament Sites,  As much of JOY! that I can put into a Pocket Journal.  
A treasure for all Time!  I look forward to posting its arrival and of its pages for all to see.

Thank-you so much Janice for allowing us to have the unique opportunity to Win such a wonderful thoughtful work of Art.
Please visit Janice's  blog:  www.fripperee.wordpress.com

Sherrie  Roberts 

((( Circle of Jouranal Hugs )))