Saturday, April 18, 2015

I know! It has been a long road!
Loosing Ms Patches, sewing my first Quilts since childhood.  Oh, Yes! Definitely, there are errors.  So, My Quilts sent Over There ( Over Seas) from one person; Sherrie P. Roberts,  work and dedication to lessons learned and new lessons acquired.

I was not expecting Chewbacca!  Yes, I have ton of photos and Great stories.   Just the shock of getting Chewbacca set my Physical health back several months.  Stress is not good for Blood Pressure or a person trying to level their Essential minerals and keep them in line.  Yes, a medicine Kicked my Butt!  Technically, Ms Patches should have buried me.

Well, Ms Patches,  She slept on my head and would pat me with Her Paws on my Eyes.  I guess it was all she could do to keep me going.  It worked.

No, I did not stop sewing or quilting or drawing or photography, I have just not been able to write about it all that has gone on.   I still see Ms Patches in the house.  Out of the corner of my Eye- A glimpse  of the that wonderful tell, that Beautiful face, actually feel Her rub my bare leg.   Her presence will always be with me. 

Well, now!  There is Chewbacca! The designer Dog!  Yes,  He is a Cavachon,  Half Bichon Frise and half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.   Total surprise and shock.  I did not want anyone left at home alone!  Now, Chewbacca, is left alone while I go to the store.   Tried that crate.  Ha!  He just went berserk.  Just banging on the cage door.  He now stays in the whole bedroom.

My Chewbacca!  Lots of loving blankets and the last quilt I made.  It Sue Bonnet printed fabric.  The last fabric I have been in a store to purchase, except Wal-Mart.   It was from a Hancock's Store.

Well, Here is a couple of photos of a BOM  I have been doing.   All that is required is to finish the Trim and backing and put the batting sandwich together baste and Quilt.   Let me know what you think .
This is the  Civil War Peace and Unity Quilt.   You make the connecting blocks the first month.  Which I did.  Or can do one at a time as you stitch each block together.  I think I have done well.
Yes, there are tons of errors.   The easiest part has been sewing the blocks to the connecting blocks as I finished each one.   The most confusing part, was that the original photo the first block at the bottom and then for the Finishing illustration - turning the photo the opposite. 
I love all my blocks and the error too!

I think I have done well!  I was taught only very simple design.  No Flying Geese!  No HSTs.  No SS, Square in a Square.

Well, enough for today!  I will not miss posting in my blog anymore.

Will be back later with photos of the Saint Jude Charity Quilt and the Secrets and Shadows.  I will also discuss my Son's Quilt of Honor.