Saturday, October 9, 2010

Zentangle Workshop

Hi! Everyone! I am hosting a Zentangle Workshop for A.R.T. a Yahoo Group! I have been learning a great deal on learning. You really have to dig in and really know the technique you are so thrilled to execute in your artwork.
Zentangles are based on patterns. Patterns you develop and nurture and name so that other Tanglers know you for certain patterns.
I was surprised to find out that it really takes a lot of concentration to evaluate a piece of art work. Zentangles also require the addition of Contrast to really bring out the flow and interest. That is for Traditional Zentangles. I do have a person that is simply enjoying Her lines. Yes, all Lines no Contrast, no shading. I have encouraged Her to use differnt width pens. I am also introducing Stamping.
It has been a very wonderful experience.
I am glad to be back really blogging. I will post some Tangles tomorrow after photographing.