Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Blind Contour Drawing

Here is my Friday Blind Contour Drawing.   This time I used my Sanford Mechanical Pencils.
It is a very famous or well know House out West.

Sketchbook Challenge

Noodler's  V-Mail Mid-Way Blue from WWII Inks In Limited Edition Moleskine Pac-Man

Well, Here is the Sketch in Light.   All done by Candle Light at the Red Rock Bristo.  Swampscott, MA.

Candle light Sketching
Well here is my first posting for the Sketchbook Challenge.  It was done at the Red Rock Bistro.
It was the day of the Snow storm.  With high gusty winds.   It is close enough for me to walk too.
Actual iPhone Shot of view and lighting

This shows you the basic light that I had to sketch by.   I was there alone for most of the time.   Then Wednesday night regular group came in for their Rare Steaks and Red Wine.
They were off to the right of me.   On the left is the Ocean.   It was impossible to photography by the time I got there.  You can see the Ocean in the left hand corner.    Ducks were bobbing in the that cold icy water.   To get here,  I stomped through the 18 + inches of snow on the walk way of the Ocean.
It was a lovely night and a fun walk home.    More photos coming.
This sketch was done entirely with my Japanese Fountain Pen, a female, with Noodler's V-mail Mid-Way Blue.  It is a really lovely blue.