Monday, April 16, 2012

April Hope 
I see I need to do my postings.   I must admit I am having ton of problems with the new Blogger and Posting.  It is no longer friendly user for me.  Well, Guess I should at least give you a Collage Painting.
I saw a posting by Donna Downey Studios.   Well, in March, I decided to revitalize my interest in all my art.  The first Art work I did that won me A Prize that I still cherish the memory of was a Collage Artwork.   True, I have used some on Donna's techniques but My work is certainly not Hers.
I working on two more and they seemed to be sprouting offspring.   You can see Donna"s work at Her blog:
The inspiration has inspired me.    Stay tune so sorry I have missed so much time here.  No more.