Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Saturday everyone!  Well today is: the day after I found out that my Father Has Completed His Circle of Life.   I imagine He has a very varied Quilted Circle.   He was one of 9 nine children, 4 brothers and 4 sisters.   Uncle to numerous Group of children, who have help provide him with the term Grandfather and Grand Uncle and even Great Grand Father and Great Grand Uncle.
He was a Carpenter - Farmers Son.  His Mother was a Homemaker.  They owned a pedal Singer sewing machine.  One the original Black ones that Mr. Powell purchased the adapter which allowed the addition of an "Electrical" motor.  Yes, I was taught how to covert from a Pedal Foot powered machine to a Motorized sewing machine top of the line.
I wonder what she would think of my Plastic Singer One Plus sewing machine with USB connection?
A digital read out and a machine you can not open to see all the moving parts.
That was how my Father grew up.  With machinery and devices that today are considered illegal and should not be in your home.  

I wonder what the Commercial Will Be Like when:  Farmer's and All State and AARP and Obama decides to advise the World of Harmful sewing Machines.

"Warning"!  If you have any devices from your Parents Home of the previous Century!,  A specially marked Van will be coming to collect all Twentieth Century Products for disposal.

Yes, the Singer Sewing Machine got me!  I was finishing a project for school.  Mandatory, for little girls.  A cloth Bag from a Flour Sack.  Yes, I actually got to see the last of Cloth Flour Sacks.
It was free Material.  Cotton material.  Whoo Hoo!
Well, on this Wednesday night which was Baptist Church Meeting,  I was ill.  I had been given some medicine that made me sleepy!   I still needed to sew just a small part to finish and I had been told do on your own!   Well, sewed it ok!  Sewed that needle right into middle of my forefinger.
I tried to hide my problem.  Going to pull it out myself.  They were screaming set the table!  Cannot be late for church.  Homework? On Wednesday night?  Should have already have been done.
I said I would help in a minute.  I had to finish something.

It was then that my Buddy, (My Father), saw some blood droplets.  He immediately, said what's wrong?  Nothing is wrong! I am pulling a needle out of my finger.  By now, there is hysteria going on in the house.  Buddy, took my hand.  There was that unmistakable look on his face, something of great pain.  He said, this is going to hurt.  He had come back with His Pliers.  Just Pliers.  He held my hand down tight.  He was incredibly strong.  He was still a very young man with power of out-door living with muscles from actual labor.  He pulled that Needle out and it hurt.
My learning blocks! 
He picked me up dressed my wound.  He held me as He ate dinner.  He had put a pot of water on to boil fresh tea, to be warm and sweetened with Our own harvested Honey.  Everyone left for church.  I was with my Buddy and warm Honey Tea.  The windows were open and the quiet Georgia Spring Night was coming alive with Crickets and Owls and the sound of cows bedding down and chickens making their last cackling noises and the moon was rising as my head rested on that Great Shoulder.

I awoke to find my flour sack purse ready to go.  It had been washed and ironed.

There are so many pieces of fabric in that Great Circle of Life.
Bye Buddy!
Quilt for My Son!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Well, the Quilts are coming together believe it or not:

One of the thinking processes!   

See, Thinking  all or some Solid Moments?

The Ripper, Your Best Friend! 

Added separation Solid and Ironed.
All Pink Flower! Partial Seams.
Before Sewing used different colors of material for Center.  
My learning Pieces.  These are known as Partial Seams.  The first seam is not completed till the end.  Will photo graph and update my Sketch in Moleskine for you later on. 
These are called Flowers.  
 Well,  I hope you are enjoying my Quilting.   I have been learning many new methods and I am having a great time.