Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hi! Everyone:  This is the most exciting Day of My Life!!  I have Retired from Corporate America!
I am sorry, I cannot bring all of You with Me!  
I will not be Rich!  I have Chewbacca, now 3 years old.   I have Quilts in progress!
The Best most wonderful part:   I can Breath!  I am Free! Thank-God!  I am Free!

20 years 11 months and one Day ! June 1st is my Retirement Day!
That is Thusday, Tomorrow.   No, Fedex would not let me have my 5 weeks vacation and retire
on my Anniversary which is the first of July 2017.
Just rang my Customer Service Phone for the last time.  I have to EndDuty!  It is done and I am so
HAPPY!   Chewbacca is a little disturbed.   I attacked the computer!  Pulled its wires out  so it cannot light up again in this house.
Also just disconnected the phone form the Wall Jack.
Now! To start the wrapping!   Have found one connector to be,  well damaged.  One of those
Covered heavy Screws well the whole screw came off.  Never seen that before.
Will upload photos of boxes and will call Fedex tomorrow - They will be on the Porch.

I can Breath.  May 31, 2017   I now have My Life!