Saturday, January 27, 2007

Total donations- $1,625 for Rosie's Place

Wow, what a great group of knitters. Donations came from all over the US.
The winner of the custom-knit pair of CharlieCard Mittens is Miranda of Wilmington, Delaware.
The winner of the Leslie Wind Pin is Kris of Longwood, Colorado.
The winner of Chris's Pin is Laurie of Clarkson, Michigan.

Great Gift and idea from the Subway Knitter.

((( Circle of Kind Hugs )))

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rosie's Place-Charity

Thanks to everyone wanting a pair of Charlie Card Mittens, Rosie Place now has $1000.00. Please continue to give and get your chance for a pair of Charlie Card Mittens or one of two beautiful shawl Pins. Why to go Charlie Card Mittens.

((( Circle of Hugs )))

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rosie's Place Contributions

Just to let everyone know. As of now there is almost $800 dollars has been donated for the Charlie Card Mittens Raffle.
The Raffle is to benefit Rosie's Place. A Place for Homeless women. This is an extremely good cause, considering the Demons of Life that come after all. We never know when Each of Us may just need such a Place as Rosie's Place.

((( Circle of Caring Hugs )))

Snow in Boston

Well, last night, finally, Snow I can see. I think I have been hearing plows. The snow does not look deep. I will in it in a few minutes. It began falling last evening (22/01) as I was headed home. It never fell very hard or fast.
Hopefully, pictures tonight on all things.
((( Circle of Angel Snow Hugs )))