Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Vicki Holdwick! Blind Contour Friday

Happy Birthday Vicki!!!! 

Happy Birthday Vicki!!!! 

Vicki is celebrating Her Birthday this weekend.   She is an inspirational artist to so many in Her life, I had to give Her a Blind Contour Birthday Gift.   A cake and Vicki in Her studio with two of Her favorite Artist and Her Algebra always on Her mind.  
I used My Graph 1000 X Stein Limited Edition Mechanical Pencil. 0.5mm HB Graphite.
I used it because it is a technical pencil and to Honor an Artist that still Tudors students in Algebra.
I was not to bad in Algebra either.   Matter of fact, I  see Football plays in Algebraic equations.  Pretty frightening thought.   Also,  I am a skilled Cake Decorator.  I bake a really mean "Homicide By Deep Chocolate Cake",  I take no prisonors, all succumb to IT!   My Chocolate Roses are the Killers!

Happy Birthday Vicki!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Quilt Knit: Blind Contour Friday- "Blackwings" Meet

Quilt Knit: Blind Contour Friday- "Blackwings" Meet

Blind Contour Friday- "Blackwings" Meet

I was lucky enough to find a few "Blackwing 602's for Sale.   The Seller was so gracious, She did not sharpen them.   I am going to sharpen them.  I will probably hold one back.   Or try too!  No, they are not what you call, Collectable Quality.   But to me they are My Eberhard Faber "Blackwing 602"!  This weekend We start a Graphite Drawing together.   We will use a New sheet of Watercolor Board.  We have not decided Hot Press or Cold Press Crescent.  It will be a 9"x12" on a 10"x 15" board.   There will be two Drawings this way.   The Second Drawing will be "Palomino Blackwing".  Eberhard Faber "Blackwing 602"  was proud to see a continuation of His Great and Grand Tradition.  
He was most impressed by the "White Rectangular Eraser", very facinated. 
"Palomino Blackwing" is so smooth.  It dances on the paper.  I am truly anxious about Our adventure tommorrow at Dick Blick in Downtown Boston.   
Enjoy and I hope you purchase or are given your on Box of "Palomino Blackwings" to continue a Great Tradition of Graphite Drawing and to form a New Tradition. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Blind Contour Drawing

Here is my Friday Blind Contour Drawing.   This time I used my Sanford Mechanical Pencils.
It is a very famous or well know House out West.

Sketchbook Challenge

Noodler's  V-Mail Mid-Way Blue from WWII Inks In Limited Edition Moleskine Pac-Man

Well, Here is the Sketch in Light.   All done by Candle Light at the Red Rock Bristo.  Swampscott, MA.

Candle light Sketching
Well here is my first posting for the Sketchbook Challenge.  It was done at the Red Rock Bistro.
It was the day of the Snow storm.  With high gusty winds.   It is close enough for me to walk too.
Actual iPhone Shot of view and lighting

This shows you the basic light that I had to sketch by.   I was there alone for most of the time.   Then Wednesday night regular group came in for their Rare Steaks and Red Wine.
They were off to the right of me.   On the left is the Ocean.   It was impossible to photography by the time I got there.  You can see the Ocean in the left hand corner.    Ducks were bobbing in the that cold icy water.   To get here,  I stomped through the 18 + inches of snow on the walk way of the Ocean.
It was a lovely night and a fun walk home.    More photos coming.
This sketch was done entirely with my Japanese Fountain Pen, a female, with Noodler's V-mail Mid-Way Blue.  It is a really lovely blue.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Friday Blind Contour Drawingof 2011!

This is the Drawing of my Window!   It is one of Six windows in the front room.  
I am working a full colored Drawing of this Blind Contour.  I am going on my Birthday to Virginia to see the Grand Picasso Show.
This window faces the Great North Atlantic Ocean Facing The East!  The Sunrises are Spectacular. 
In this Window Hangs My Mother's Flag-  My Eldest is a Major in the United States Army.
Behind the Flag which I see each Day is an icicle, with little bells on it.  There is only the White Valance with Ribbon Panels that have different colored little flowers all over them.  
I am changing Curtains this Spring.  I will miss these sheers.  Maybe they still have them.  Or maybe, I should Celebrate the Year with the New!  Storing my loving Memory.  Thank-you, Peggy, for such a wonderful memory.  I do apologize for the photo.  I noticed My iPhone was not focusing.  New on my Birthday. Yeah!!!! 
Here is my Friday Blind Contour Drawing: Featured at Friday Contour Drawing.  Thank-you so much Peggy for Showcasing my Blind Contour Drawing.

Well, here is the Friday Blind Contour Drawing for my Blog.
It is from watching:  Four Brides and Four Weddings, which I watched after a reapeat of " Just Say Yes to the Dress.   As You can see I used the New Palomino Blackwing, for this drawing.  The Palomino Blackwing as a true elegant feel when drawing.  It Glides across the paper.   I am still using the Vicki's sketchbook, Under Mad Anthony's Banner
I hope you enjoy all my drawings.