Saturday, November 3, 2007

November- Last of Noel!

Well, I have heard nothing! My youngest son went to work and left his lunch. Take it to him Yes! or No! Not decided. The Last of Noel is coming ashore. The wind is blowing and I have to go a get some food. First have to bring up the last of the clothes.
Well, bought a couple of shirts for me. Shirts for the cold weather. Have not turned the heat on yet.
I have done 20 or so of my Jackson Pollock experimental pieces. They are all 6"x12". All are acrylic. You would be surprised at how hard this study is. I intend to do 32 of them in the acrylic and I am also doing 32 in a squares for Lee and Mercedes. The Pollock Matters show is just devine. It is so rich. There is a film with Calder making His Mobiles. There is a letter - something few of us will have to show in the next hundred years - heck probably the next fifty - they will not exist.
Just think no History in a house of a person you want to know more about. Absolutely nothing.
There is jewelry that Lee and Mercedes wore. All of the surviving pieces of the 32 found in Matters storage facility are on
display. I do not see the strength and power and torment of Jackson in them.
I am going back and taking some prints of mine.
I am promised that Gimp will be back online and running so I can upload photos. I cannot wait to share my experimental Jackson Pollocks bad, good or just paint on canvas. Looking forward to the next 32 which will be enamel paint on canvas and messonite board.

((( Circle of Hugs )))