Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A short update on the Quilts to Afghanistan.  The photo shows it all.
                                                                  The Presentation!


I am glad it has its New Home,  Somewhere Over There!
Now there are things to do.
I have spoken to my son about his Quilt of Valor.  These Quilts were His idea.
I hope he is proud of them.   Unfortunately, He was not there to help with the Presentation.

His Quilt of Valor will be a different take on Quilts of Valor and He is making stay in the parameters
of this Wars Campaigns!
Fabric has been ordered, for first attempts.   I have ordered some Northcott Stonehenge, the main fabric used in the Quilts sent overseas.   The back of the Quilt.  Uhmmm!   all mine?  Maybe not!

I do hope the Quilt with The Patch is enjoyed for many years to come.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Quilts arrived in To Afghanistan!  Here is a photo of the Quilt with Patch!

Quilt with Patch - Conference Room
I have been told the Quilts were well received.
Hoping!  Fingers Crossed.

My work studio is the Apartment, the Coffee Table, my bedroom that has a table too!
My Singer One Plus sets on an Outdoor Table 60 inches Round.  Singer is the sewing machine I first learned to sew on, as a small child.

I want to Thank all the stores involved with helping me with the Rules of Quilting, Lessons learned a long time ago, and the new Modern Lessons of Quilting!  Fabric and Thread and Cutting
and Ironing of these Quilts.

Old lessons remembered,  New ones learned from all the Great Teachers at (
The Missouri Star Quilt Store, ( Fat Quarter Shop (, Jo-Ann Fabrics ( and yes, Walmart the only Brick and Mortar Store.   Red Rock Thread ( for all of the Thread.
YLI, 40wt Variegated was the dominate thread used.  Gutermann, Presencia and Coats and Clark.
I would like to thank Fiskars(, for my Rotary cutters, and mats.
GE and Hamilton Beach for my Retractable cord Irons.
The Dominate Fabric used in Both Quilts:  Northcott, Stonehenge, Moda, the only pre-cut used, "Shades of Black" mini charm pack, Kona, the rich Brown binding.

The Patch is basically the Fabric from Jo-Ann's Fabrics- 100% cotton, Stonehenge is the brilliant yellow Chevrons and the Crown. The Camouflage with the Tanker is actually BDU uniform from the Soldier that requested the Quilts, My Son Maj. Killaurin Roberts.  Stonehenge Metallic is the fabric surrounding the Patch the Black, Red and Green.   All Thread used on the Patch Writing is YLI, 40wt. variegated.  A very scary project for me.

I do need to Thank, Darlene of HSN for encouraging me to go for with my Singer One Plus sewing machine.   It was back in June of 2013 when these quilts were considered.
I did not have a sewing machine.  I did not know what machine to choose and somehow, my computer went to HSN.  There was a Singer Special - "Singer One Plus" with major Accessories package.
This was just a phenomenal  accident with my computer.  I had not been on the HSN website since trying to locate a White Christmas Tree.   I true blessing if ever there was one.   Now, I just need the Singer Futura Quintet to set next to my Singer One Plus for the dynamic duo to just go Crazy.

Another Group I must Thank:  United States Postal Service and  United Parcel Service.  From the delivery of the "Singer One Plus", to each package of Fabric, Thread, Fiskar Cutters and Mats to Ultimate delivery to Afghanistan.  Thank-you.

I hope that any and all that are part of the Military Family, Will understand with each cut, each stitch, each rip out, each correction, each artistic thought, every time I touched these Quilts, It was for your Valor over all these years.  You have as always given Us the best of your Lives.  The Return is not measurable.

It would the last big Project for Ms Patches and I.  She kept me going!  She loved being on the Porch in the Sun with the Fabric being Hung to Dry in the Wonderful Fragrance of the Great North Atlantic Ocean.  Only Sea Salt smells so fresh and inviting that it insist you travel far.
It was a pleasure to make these two Quilts.

I will also say, that my Sons surprised me with a Dog on my Birthday!  A Cavachon.  It is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.
His name is :  Chewbacca, Ms Patches last chosen stuffed toy was for Halloween and it was Petco's Star Wars Toys.  She knew.
Now, the next Campaign of the Quilts!  The Story Continues.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ok sometimes in an Apartment,  only the floor can give a first look at a piece.
This is the third cutting of the Patch!  The Blue was not dark enough!
So this got used in pieces.  
This Patch is Removal from the Quilt! 
Well, not to Happy with my Version!  Maybe I should take the Patch with me. 
I worked hard on this.  I have no familiarity with the language. Over the years, I have asked teachers with relatives from these areas.  I have even worked with people from some of the countries.  They all have said the same thing --- Forget it's too hard.   Then the next words - English toughest language to learn.   Well?    I have no answer.  I worked hard on the sewing of the words.  Practiced too.  
Maybe I will make another Patch Just for me and take my time with each piece. 

I do hope they think it is at least Ok! 
Next the My Quilt and the My Bags for etsy Shop.
Well Hello!   Just got back from shopping and thought I would post these photos of the finished Quilts.  you can see them on top of each other and the backs and the fact that both contain some of the same fabric.

I must say the KA Quilt is mostly Northcott Stonehenge Fat Quarter, Copper Penny and Cool Water, and Shades of Grey and Garden Party and Crayon Box and Metallics and Yardage.
KA is also the first time I used the Benartex Bali Batik Fat Quarters.  Moda fabric can be seen as the 2 inch square black and White small centers in some of the Squares which all are made at 12 inches.

No, I do not do traditional binding.  I have and know the bias method.   Maybe a will splurge on a Simplicity binding machine.

See the Moda Shades of Black Mini Charm Square? ........................
You can see the Rich  Kona Dark Brown Yardage used on the back of the Disappearing Nine Patch and the Binding of the 12 inch Square quilt.

Both are very colorful and I have a love of ZigZag stitching.  Guess my Trademark.

Now I need my own Quilt and I am starting it tomorrow.   
Hi! Everyone!   Here is one of the Quilts On the Bed.   It is the Nine Patch, Disappearing Quilt.   It is the first quilt that I have ever decorated the back.
Gosh Darn!  Even after all the measuring and figuring and fumbling and needle pokes -- It is not a quilt to be hung on a Rod for admiration.   Yes.  it has a wobble.   But the Bed Makes it Perfect.  
I will photograph some of my Moleskine Thinking and Planning Book.  You will not believe my Moleskine.

It is wonderful to be back blogging and I have popped in on Facebook so please see me there too!  I am going to to see about having a Facebook page just for my Crafts of Sewing and Drawing and Painting.   I have a full schedule planned for Spring and Summer.

Now, to show you another Photo of this Quilt.
I promised yo a photo from my Moleskine.   Well, See I planned.  My plans just sometime take their on path.  I will make another like it and make it stick to the Plan.    Oh, yes on the other page is the back.  Will show you later today.   Now it is time to go for supplies of food and Coffee.  Everyone have a a Wonderful Great Day!!   

Hello, Everyone!   I know I owe you all an apology!  I have not quit quilting.  However, 
Ms Patches!  Has gone to the Rainbow and I have asked Her to save me spot, just a tiny place will be perfect!  I miss Her so much. 
I do not know why I stopped blogging.  I guess I just wanted the time with Ms Patches. 
What a time a We had together.  So Much.   Yes, I am still crying!  I will forever and it hurts, my head just seems to tighten and swell and become pressurized as tears leak out my eyes and my nose begins to run. Then the awful pressure at the base of the neck.  
The Love for a Cat!  A long hair simple American Cat.  No special, except I caught Her with a bowl of milk.   
What a life from a Bowl of Milk, sweet Milk.   It comes in the Blue Carton.
I hope Ms Patches do
We did a lot of cuddling!  Those Paws!  She would wake me by gently placing Her paw on my Eyes.
Never a scratch and she had Claws. 
Loving you forever.

Inspecting the quilt end of October and first of November.  Our last inspection together. 
Well, I know she does not want me to stay dormant.  Just missing such a Grand Presence.
Love Always your Human Pet.