Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A short update on the Quilts to Afghanistan.  The photo shows it all.
                                                                  The Presentation!


I am glad it has its New Home,  Somewhere Over There!
Now there are things to do.
I have spoken to my son about his Quilt of Valor.  These Quilts were His idea.
I hope he is proud of them.   Unfortunately, He was not there to help with the Presentation.

His Quilt of Valor will be a different take on Quilts of Valor and He is making stay in the parameters
of this Wars Campaigns!
Fabric has been ordered, for first attempts.   I have ordered some Northcott Stonehenge, the main fabric used in the Quilts sent overseas.   The back of the Quilt.  Uhmmm!   all mine?  Maybe not!

I do hope the Quilt with The Patch is enjoyed for many years to come.

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