Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Contour Drawing

This is the Sketchbook from Vicki Holdwick that I purchased from Her.  I decided it is to contain a year plus of Contour Drawings.   I will move this to my new Blog- Quiltknit Blind Contour Drawings  later today. 

I have been watching Thursday Night Football and of course this is the Scene you see with the four announcers.  This of course is the Heinz Football Field - In The Steelers colors I need to use black for some enhancement of the drawing.      So much fun to just keep drawing and not watching.  I was surprised the people look like they might be at a table.
Yes, I used my favorite Mechanical Pencils for drawing- Sanford PhD 0.5mm HB lead.
Yes, I used colored pencils for enhancement.