Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Friday Blind Contour Drawingof 2011!

This is the Drawing of my Window!   It is one of Six windows in the front room.  
I am working a full colored Drawing of this Blind Contour.  I am going on my Birthday to Virginia to see the Grand Picasso Show.
This window faces the Great North Atlantic Ocean Facing The East!  The Sunrises are Spectacular. 
In this Window Hangs My Mother's Flag-  My Eldest is a Major in the United States Army.
Behind the Flag which I see each Day is an icicle, with little bells on it.  There is only the White Valance with Ribbon Panels that have different colored little flowers all over them.  
I am changing Curtains this Spring.  I will miss these sheers.  Maybe they still have them.  Or maybe, I should Celebrate the Year with the New!  Storing my loving Memory.  Thank-you, Peggy, for such a wonderful memory.  I do apologize for the photo.  I noticed My iPhone was not focusing.  New on my Birthday. Yeah!!!! 
Here is my Friday Blind Contour Drawing: Featured at Friday Contour Drawing.  Thank-you so much Peggy for Showcasing my Blind Contour Drawing.

Well, here is the Friday Blind Contour Drawing for my Blog.
It is from watching:  Four Brides and Four Weddings, which I watched after a reapeat of " Just Say Yes to the Dress.   As You can see I used the New Palomino Blackwing, for this drawing.  The Palomino Blackwing as a true elegant feel when drawing.  It Glides across the paper.   I am still using the Vicki's sketchbook, Under Mad Anthony's Banner
I hope you enjoy all my drawings.