Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurrican Gustav

Let us all Pray for the best for all those on the Gulf Coast. We can be thankful that at this moment Hurricane Gustav is weakened to a Catagory 2 Hurricane. There will still me much pain and loss.
I hope We will learn, it is not the Govenment, it is 'We The People' that need to step up and make the preparations for each of Our states, cities, counties. When this lesson is learned and we go and do our jobs and make plans, instead of thinking our neighbor on the board, Mayor, Councilman, President, Vice-President etc has made the plans, then the tragedies will not be as devastating.

Quilt Knit: VSD for July

Quilt Knit: VSD for July

Here is an excellent demonstration of how Leslie Hawes approached the
July-VSD-Virtual Sketch Day! You will learn from this posting.

VSD for July

Photo supplied by Leslie Hawes. "Sunquats"

Here are both my pieces for VSD: Virtual Sketch Day - July.
I am most pleased with both pieces. I loved everyone Artwork for the June VSD and for July VSD. VSD has had a profound effect on me. I just love the concept of rendering a Beautiful original artwork, from someone's Photo.
I belief it is because of all the 'Studio Drawing' I had in College.
Seeing these wonderful finished pieces and the approach used by each person in the VSD challenge to capture the Unique area of the Photo, well it is almost overwhelming. In 'Studio Classes', one did not get to choose the medium to execute the huge and varied stills confronting you at 0700a.m. in the morning and a finished piece to be turned in by 1200a.m. Choosing your own media came as the surprise on the 'Final Test Day". How shocking if you did not carry all you mediums with you and had not the opportunity to be told by those before you of such a shock! I wonder if I would have learned more in my 'Studio Drawing' had there been a class where the Student chose which medium to work in that day? I regret there was not a Still set up to explore the use of photography. (Something to confront.)
VSD-Virtual Sketch Day! is a wonderful open opportunity for those who choose to participate.