Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quilt Knit: Win a Handmade Sketchbook

Quilt Knit: Win a Handmade Sketchbook

Win a Handmade Sketchbook

"Happy Holiday Season" Everyone!     

How would you like to win a Handmade Sketchbook?   Just go to Janice's blog:   Friperee(N):   Purveyor of nonsense adornments and other frivolities.  
The sketchbooks are beautiful!  You can keep up with Her blog by rss feed to your blog.
Everyone should love to enter to win a 
Handmade Sketchbook.   
I know many of you have been disappointed by Commercial made sketchbook.  Here is your chance to have one with known papers.    How wonderful!  It would be to have a truly  "Handmade Sketchbook"  for this "Holiday Season".

Sherrie Roberts

PS!  Just click on the Title of my post and you will be taken to Janice"s blog.