Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun about the Telephones

Now you know what happened to Ma Bell!

What you do not know is the absolute, pathetic, situation of telephone wires into your houses and the left over, unrepaired, never replaced LEAD PIPES, carrying your wire into your house. Remember, You and Yours and Pets walk across the land being
polluted by these LEAD PIPES. Not one Business that has anything to do with DSL, or Telephones have been keeping up
or repairing these wires and pipes and boxes for nearly 60 years or more. Not since Ma Bell was broken up and the Babies
were suppose to pull their weight and decided Crumbling wire and high prices to the customer was the best policy.
Not one congressman in any form has responded to my questions. City, County, State, Federal.
You would think the Federal Government would have demanded the slip shod wiring would be a major overhaul
for the safety of all concerned. Guess when an official is burnt by lightening. Some type of Government will

More to come with photos too!

Monday, August 11, 2008

VSD for August

August VSD is going to be a wonderful time! By the chance of commenting first on the July VSD. I get to supply the photo for the month of August. So, one of these photos is going to be a star. VSD is a lot of fun.