Monday, August 11, 2008

VSD for August

August VSD is going to be a wonderful time! By the chance of commenting first on the July VSD. I get to supply the photo for the month of August. So, one of these photos is going to be a star. VSD is a lot of fun.


Leslie said...

Hi Sherrie!
Just stopped by at the VSD blog, left my name, and saw the wonderful picture you are sharing for this months sketch!
Thanks so much for providing it.
It is yummy and colorful, with just a hint of autumn!

Susan M. Walker said...

Hi Sherrie, just learned of the VSD. I am interested in joining in in Oct. Can I do that?


Quilt Knit said...

Of course you may join, Susan. Go to the VSD site.
I have left a comment at your blog too! Go to the VSD site and on the October (not yet posted) leave a comment that you want to do a Sketch for October.
Enjoy! Go To: