Saturday, December 1, 2007

Very Dangerous Cold Night!

Well, the cold has come to the NorthEast. It is very cold here. The wind has howled all day long. College Football is scrambling.
I am having hot Tea! I am pulling the tree out of the closet and decorating. I get to wear my bluejeans to work all of December.

((( Circle of Holiday Hugs to All and please stay safe )))

Friday, November 30, 2007

Comedy & Drama of Life

k! This is your fault! I have bought a BOOK! A book by Melissa Marr-'Wicked Lovely". A Faery Book!
Not even signed by the author.
I will never forget purchasing this book. I was at Barnes & Noble- At Yawkey Way -Home to Fenway Park - The Green Monster - Boston University -Burton's Restaurant- Dick Blick Art supplies.
I left there with the book and a new Moleskin sketch book 5.25 by 8.25 inches-Black. I was happy heady to Dick Blick. I found the Water Color Board CP. Brought the pieces to the counter to be cut. When 'Crickets started Chirping in my Pocket', I was a little embarrassed. But there it was, a txt on my iPhone, view or cancel, from one of my estranged sisters. My Father, had a stroke and was driving. He hit a car, then lost all control and hit a house. I am told He is ok. I was just told yesterday that my Killaurin is on His way home from Iraq. I had to email Him of His GrandFather's accident and stroke. What an awful world that with all these electric gadgets, the Army cannot give a phone to use on His way home. I feel like a louse having to email this sad news to my son.

The Comedy & Drama of Life.

((( Circle of Hugs - Stay safe - take all precautions for your Holiday Celebrations)))


Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Son is on His way Home!

I was just sent the email today! My son, Captain Killaurin Roberts is on His way back to the states. He and His friends are then hoping to take some down time in Australia.

((( Circle of Military Hugs and Love to all in the Military)))