Friday, November 30, 2007

Comedy & Drama of Life

k! This is your fault! I have bought a BOOK! A book by Melissa Marr-'Wicked Lovely". A Faery Book!
Not even signed by the author.
I will never forget purchasing this book. I was at Barnes & Noble- At Yawkey Way -Home to Fenway Park - The Green Monster - Boston University -Burton's Restaurant- Dick Blick Art supplies.
I left there with the book and a new Moleskin sketch book 5.25 by 8.25 inches-Black. I was happy heady to Dick Blick. I found the Water Color Board CP. Brought the pieces to the counter to be cut. When 'Crickets started Chirping in my Pocket', I was a little embarrassed. But there it was, a txt on my iPhone, view or cancel, from one of my estranged sisters. My Father, had a stroke and was driving. He hit a car, then lost all control and hit a house. I am told He is ok. I was just told yesterday that my Killaurin is on His way home from Iraq. I had to email Him of His GrandFather's accident and stroke. What an awful world that with all these electric gadgets, the Army cannot give a phone to use on His way home. I feel like a louse having to email this sad news to my son.

The Comedy & Drama of Life.

((( Circle of Hugs - Stay safe - take all precautions for your Holiday Celebrations)))


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