Saturday, December 1, 2007

Very Dangerous Cold Night!

Well, the cold has come to the NorthEast. It is very cold here. The wind has howled all day long. College Football is scrambling.
I am having hot Tea! I am pulling the tree out of the closet and decorating. I get to wear my bluejeans to work all of December.

((( Circle of Holiday Hugs to All and please stay safe )))


Mim said...

Thanks for your emails about the MAC - you must live in the boston area? We were just at the MFA tonight for a party and on the way home I told my husband that I had decided on a MAC and that we'd have to do some shopping soon. How do you like your iPhone? I'm tempted....

Congradulations on your son coming home!

Quilt Knit said...

Thank-you so much Mim for posting to my blog.
I love my iPhone. Three people that I have recommended the iPhone to, and they purchased and are using it are thrilled. To really see if the iPhone is for you, may I suggest stopping by the Galleria Mall, in Cambridge, MA. They have terrific enthusiastic staff that would be than happy to help you with all questions you have on the Mac, and the iPhone.
Thank-you, for mentioning son. I received an email this morning. Knowing men - He did not keep note of the new phone numbers We were given with the iPhone. Somethings never change..