Sunday, December 2, 2007

Father's Condition

Well! This is the load down on my Father's condition:

Carotid artery is completely blocked. #1 This means no surgery can be performed. {Someone explain why not?}

#2. If the blood thinners do not work-He is a ticking time bomb.
#3. Why is one of the most powerful Senators in the World, Senator Ted Kennedy, routine checked for these blockages and the
rest of the senior citizens are left out in the Cold? Including Veterans. Where is their justice?
#4. I was told my oldest sister is doing ok now.
#5. He is not going to be charged with motor vehicle violations. No, one was hurt physically from the crash.
He totaled two cars, His will not be replaced.

Most meaning full, I want to Graciously thank Everyone that has offered prayers and hope for the best.
All of you wonderful thoughts are always appreciated, I keep all of you in my Daily Thoughts.


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Robyn said...

Sherrie - I'm so sorry to read of this accident. It is the phone call we all dread. I trust both your sister and your father will be well enough to share your joy of having your son home for Christmas.