Saturday, January 6, 2007

Organizing Knitting Projects

I finally have the yarn for a New Project. All of the threads are new on the market. I am lucky to have Windsor Button Store.
It is the only place that the owners and staff really go out of their way to see that you have all the correct brands.
They order the yarn for you. It would be so much easier for the WBS to suggest a different 'in store' available yarn.
Even though I am altering the pattern to accommodate my problem with wool- Allergic!
It is a project of memories.
I also, got these great packages with roping that allows them to act as backpacks. I took all of my projects and dated them.
I have stored them in my project closet. This gives me a great deal more room to work.
I am having a great day in the finishing of both shawls.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Knitting Project Coat

I am still working on both shawls. Hope to post pictures later today. I have now most of the materials for my Blanket Coat.
Will have the Gray non-wool lining this Saturday. Have found the most wonderful fleece at $4.44 a yard. Has a great feel.
Will also use the Green soft napped Blanket for extra protection from the wool. May try and make this removable.
Have been looking at stocking patterns. Will be removing the Christmas Tree on Saturday. I will be sad to put it away.
I have truly enjoyed the Fiber Optics with the pre-lites (6 strands) ready to set up and turn on. Hoping the company will make a white one. I really do not like ornaments on this tree.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Last Snow - Boston 2006

Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone is having a Great Start with the New Year! My Brother called last night and invited me to jump on a plane out of Boston, MA - no reservations, and fly to Virginia for First Night. What a kill joy! Then my son called to say, " I am with my friends!" "Have money for a cab: do not wait up!" Two Kill Joys in one night. I knitted them each a Dog House with Kitty Patches on Top to spoil their whole year! He He!!

My Brother's blanket is still being worked on. Making it a little longer. Friends shawl is still under construction. They are gone for the Holidays to warmer weather. Another Kill Joy Group.

I am off for the week and will be finishing projects and adding some photos. Now that I am more comfortable with the new camera given to me by my son in Iraq.

((( Circle of New Year's Hugs )))