Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone is having a Great Start with the New Year! My Brother called last night and invited me to jump on a plane out of Boston, MA - no reservations, and fly to Virginia for First Night. What a kill joy! Then my son called to say, " I am with my friends!" "Have money for a cab: do not wait up!" Two Kill Joys in one night. I knitted them each a Dog House with Kitty Patches on Top to spoil their whole year! He He!!

My Brother's blanket is still being worked on. Making it a little longer. Friends shawl is still under construction. They are gone for the Holidays to warmer weather. Another Kill Joy Group.

I am off for the week and will be finishing projects and adding some photos. Now that I am more comfortable with the new camera given to me by my son in Iraq.

((( Circle of New Year's Hugs )))

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