Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Contour Drawing

This is the Sketchbook from Vicki Holdwick that I purchased from Her.  I decided it is to contain a year plus of Contour Drawings.   I will move this to my new Blog- Quiltknit Blind Contour Drawings  later today. 

I have been watching Thursday Night Football and of course this is the Scene you see with the four announcers.  This of course is the Heinz Football Field - In The Steelers colors I need to use black for some enhancement of the drawing.      So much fun to just keep drawing and not watching.  I was surprised the people look like they might be at a table.
Yes, I used my favorite Mechanical Pencils for drawing- Sanford PhD 0.5mm HB lead.
Yes, I used colored pencils for enhancement.


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Sherri, Thank you for participating in Blind Contour Friday! It's fun how we find different subject matter for blind contour drawings. If you'd like, you might consider scanning/photographing the pre-enhanced version and then posting both. Sort of a before and after. I think it would be fun to see. The drawings have great potential.

Congrats on the purchase of Vicki's journal; it's gorgeous!

Quilt Knit said...

Peggy, I thought of that just as I had put the yellow to it.
I will do the stages.
I will hopefully have up my Contour Blog by tomorrow.
Cooking today. Merry Christmas everyone!

((( Circle of Hugs)))