Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hi! Everyone!   Here is one of the Quilts On the Bed.   It is the Nine Patch, Disappearing Quilt.   It is the first quilt that I have ever decorated the back.
Gosh Darn!  Even after all the measuring and figuring and fumbling and needle pokes -- It is not a quilt to be hung on a Rod for admiration.   Yes.  it has a wobble.   But the Bed Makes it Perfect.  
I will photograph some of my Moleskine Thinking and Planning Book.  You will not believe my Moleskine.

It is wonderful to be back blogging and I have popped in on Facebook so please see me there too!  I am going to to see about having a Facebook page just for my Crafts of Sewing and Drawing and Painting.   I have a full schedule planned for Spring and Summer.

Now, to show you another Photo of this Quilt.
I promised yo a photo from my Moleskine.   Well, See I planned.  My plans just sometime take their on path.  I will make another like it and make it stick to the Plan.    Oh, yes on the other page is the back.  Will show you later today.   Now it is time to go for supplies of food and Coffee.  Everyone have a a Wonderful Great Day!!   

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