Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello, Everyone!   I know I owe you all an apology!  I have not quit quilting.  However, 
Ms Patches!  Has gone to the Rainbow and I have asked Her to save me spot, just a tiny place will be perfect!  I miss Her so much. 
I do not know why I stopped blogging.  I guess I just wanted the time with Ms Patches. 
What a time a We had together.  So Much.   Yes, I am still crying!  I will forever and it hurts, my head just seems to tighten and swell and become pressurized as tears leak out my eyes and my nose begins to run. Then the awful pressure at the base of the neck.  
The Love for a Cat!  A long hair simple American Cat.  No special, except I caught Her with a bowl of milk.   
What a life from a Bowl of Milk, sweet Milk.   It comes in the Blue Carton.
I hope Ms Patches do
We did a lot of cuddling!  Those Paws!  She would wake me by gently placing Her paw on my Eyes.
Never a scratch and she had Claws. 
Loving you forever.

Inspecting the quilt end of October and first of November.  Our last inspection together. 
Well, I know she does not want me to stay dormant.  Just missing such a Grand Presence.
Love Always your Human Pet. 

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