Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ok sometimes in an Apartment,  only the floor can give a first look at a piece.
This is the third cutting of the Patch!  The Blue was not dark enough!
So this got used in pieces.  
This Patch is Removal from the Quilt! 
Well, not to Happy with my Version!  Maybe I should take the Patch with me. 
I worked hard on this.  I have no familiarity with the language. Over the years, I have asked teachers with relatives from these areas.  I have even worked with people from some of the countries.  They all have said the same thing --- Forget it's too hard.   Then the next words - English toughest language to learn.   Well?    I have no answer.  I worked hard on the sewing of the words.  Practiced too.  
Maybe I will make another Patch Just for me and take my time with each piece. 

I do hope they think it is at least Ok! 
Next the My Quilt and the My Bags for etsy Shop.

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