Friday, January 21, 2011

Blind Contour Friday- "Blackwings" Meet

I was lucky enough to find a few "Blackwing 602's for Sale.   The Seller was so gracious, She did not sharpen them.   I am going to sharpen them.  I will probably hold one back.   Or try too!  No, they are not what you call, Collectable Quality.   But to me they are My Eberhard Faber "Blackwing 602"!  This weekend We start a Graphite Drawing together.   We will use a New sheet of Watercolor Board.  We have not decided Hot Press or Cold Press Crescent.  It will be a 9"x12" on a 10"x 15" board.   There will be two Drawings this way.   The Second Drawing will be "Palomino Blackwing".  Eberhard Faber "Blackwing 602"  was proud to see a continuation of His Great and Grand Tradition.  
He was most impressed by the "White Rectangular Eraser", very facinated. 
"Palomino Blackwing" is so smooth.  It dances on the paper.  I am truly anxious about Our adventure tommorrow at Dick Blick in Downtown Boston.   
Enjoy and I hope you purchase or are given your on Box of "Palomino Blackwings" to continue a Great Tradition of Graphite Drawing and to form a New Tradition. 

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Florence's Art said...

I really like this. It reminds me of a bamboo forest.