Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spring! I looking to Spring!

Here are two new Jackson Pollock inspired paintings. I have been studying His work alongside my study of the Impressionist.
Not such a strange combination.

These are both for sell on ebay. I am happy with all my 32 plus Jackson Pollock inspired works. I became interested in His work and how it works after Boston College had the showing of the found Experimental Jackson Pollocks in Herbert Matthews storage facility after His death. You can read the Boston Globe on the show here:
At this site you can see one of the "Found JP Paintings". :

In list you will find a link to the McMullen Museum Boston College that had the show. For me it was just a brilliant display of so much on the lives of all the artist involved. Herbert Matters, His wife, Mercedes Carles, Jackson Pollock and His wife, Lee Krasner and showed the influence of Hans Hoffman and Alexander Calder, and the life of Matters and Carles son Alex. He is the one that found the paintings wrapped in brown paper and marked experimental Jackson pollocks.
The show was curated by Ellen G. Landau.   The link is above.  

It was a wonderful and exciting show. I am so thankful I was in Boston and could see the show more than once.

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