Friday, February 15, 2008

Mass Killings at Universities and Malls and Schools- Why?

I remember August 1, 1966. 14 people killed and 31 wounded from the University of Texas at Austin. The killer Charles Joseph Whitman. Why? He killed His Mother and Wife, then climbed the tower.
How many could I list under this one?
How many more will there be in my lifetime?
How many will be attributed to -- He had a brain tumor! He quit taking His medicine to emulate the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theory, He was such a brilliant student! He knew He could control the Evil Side. He just wanted to take someone else with Him.
Life Cheated HIm, so He Cheated Someone else out of their Life.
I am so saddened by the destruction at the Northern Illinois University.
You cannot get away from the horror.
I walked in and I had to see this Man's Father being harrassed by the media.
My heart goes out to His Parents and all the Parents and Family.

Let us all Pray! ((( Circle of Angels Hugs Descend on all of US, Give Us Guidance and Comfort)))

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stacey maddock said...

hey sherrie! thanks for your comments on my blog, i am listening to the call of the metal ;) this was tragic, the shooting, wasn't it? ut austin is my almamater and the clocktower has never been reopened for visitors. i wasn't there then, but it was quite tragic too. and seemingly the beginning of the worst. glad your son is back state-side! you'll have to post some of your haircut pictures too :) cheers, stacey