Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Leaving Day!

Well, today is the official end of my Birthday week long celebration.   Daylight  saving time is back.   My son will be packing in the next few days to get on to His next assignment.   My other son will be here of course.   I start renewing my view of the computer at Apple.   Another of my gifts from my sons.  Classes to catch the old Lady up on computer knowledge.   Wow!  I gave them their first lessons on an IBM PCJr.  One of the best desk top computers ever presented to the American public.   Yes,  it used DOS.   You got one chance to download your software.   After that you had to beg if something went wrong.   My next computer was a PowerMac.   I had died and gone to Heaven.    Now, I sit in front of an iMac and a PC notebook and a Mac notebook.
Wow!  Oh, drum roll!!!!   Now, the whole family is iPhone.  One of us now has a 16gb iPhone.
I am looking forward to the next generation iPhone family.  I have Flickr and iPhoto, a super Nikon with two wonderful lenses.   Canvas painted and being painted.   eBay and Etsy stores.
I am having fun.   ((( Circle of Fun Hugs to All )))

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