Monday, March 3, 2008

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday!  My sons are with me!  That is all I need today.   They are taking me to dinner at the Mall where my Youngest, Brilund, works.   I am happy and healthy.   
I want to thank all the blogs I read.  I love you all.  I want to say that all are in My Prayers.  
I send  you all the ((( Circle of Healing Angels to Help you with all your Needs))).

Happy Birthday to Me!



Bob Ebdon said...

Sherrie thanks for your comment on the UKCPS blog but excuse me for not publishing it as it refers mainly to something I will blog about tomorrow. Please feel free to come back and comment then, and thanks for your support.

Anetka said...

late, but better late than never...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
thanx for your comment on my blog:)

Quilt Knit said...

Never too Late to Celebrate My Birthday!!! Thanks so Much!

Paula Pertile said...

Happy Birthday 4 days late Sherrie!

And thanks for the nice comment on my blog about the Burrow drawing. It was a fun project.

Glad I found your blog ~ I'll be coming back!