Saturday, June 2, 2007

Packages and Artwork

Well, I am headed to the store for groceries and to drop off the second package to my son in Iraq. His Father is retiring this month. Unfortunately, neither of His sons are able to be at the Celebration. No, I had nothing to do the WORK stating RETIREMENT PARTIES OF PARENTS are not essential events in one's life. It is awful, I was fully expecting both of His sons to be with Him on this Grand occassion.

I will not be able to retire. But I never planned too! I am an artist! I will be painting and drawing. I have already given to everyone else all that I can. Now, it is my turn to live. To have the Pursuit of Happiness. To succeed with My Art and Talent.

((( Circle of June Hugs )))


Bob said...

Hi, it's Bob , you visited my site. I want to tell you that I think that I know what you feel. However, I wake up every morning and thank God that I woke up. I recently contracted a terminal desease. I'm now conected 24/7 to oxygen and am incapable of even going down the street. I was so active. I now feel like a cabbage.
Thats why I'm painting.
Whatever happens, you'll be OK.
Things usually work out for the best. Just concentrate on the good things in life.
God speed
Good luck
Regards from South Africa

Quilt Knit said...

Dear Bob: May the Lord's Angels of Healing come to you and restore you to good health.
You are first to comment on my blog. Painting is the only way to go. You are right! Things usually work out for the best.
My sons bought me a sketchbox easel for travel and this Birthday my youngest added my long wanted jullian half size plein air french easel with tote. I was almost scared to take them out. I am considering putting decking stain on them to protect from the elements. What do you think?
I call them Buffalo Soldier and Seadog.
I have my health and I am blessed with caring Sons.
God Speed!
Regards from Boston, MA
((( Circle of Hugs ))