Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well, I have had it up to Here!! More stories of Iraqi's sent out to terrorize us in Our on Homeland - Yep! The United States of America. I am printing this from a friend. However, I have experienced first hand. Can you believe it! My son home on R&R, will be back there the middle of August. Said, "Mom, those are women! They do what they are told to do."

Well, What does this Say to Me??? Any answers out there? Well, I will give you ONE! Where are their Chicken Yellow Belly lowlife Husbands or Pimps????? Where??? What are they doing?? What is there next plan??? If Americans are Persona non Grati in Iraq, and if they die it is ok, because they are foreigners-in Iraq. It is time to boot these scum bags back to Iraq. We will keep all the children born in America. Because those are American citicens by birth, therefore they cannot return to Iraq, do to being persona non grati, and openly ok to kill in Iraq, because they are American foreigners.

See next post.

((( Circle of Hugs )))

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