Sunday, July 22, 2007

Family phone plan

Hi! I am just still spinning! But with delirium, as my eldest is in Baghdad waiting for His ride to a real airport.
I am probably the only parent in the world that is on their Son's phone plan.
Mind you the parent asked about this when He was still in college. My children had cell phones before I did. I thought I would never have one. Now, I am the proud owner, user, courtesy of my son, of an Iphone. Yes, guys, I am on an Iphone. Family plan with my son, and Apple employee.
I now have a crazy reason to be absolutely, brazen at work tomorrow. I have been tortured because the day June 29th.
I took off from work to be with my son on this important day at His work place to watch the excitement.
I had no idea that I would be standing in line and get my 15 minutes of fame. Everyone saw me. Ugh! The best part not shown- Me making the cameraman laugh. I was so surprised to have been seen on TV. There were so many boob showing, young women there. I could not believe I was on TV. My iphone is now activated and I have left my first service.
I must say Verison was wonderful to me. Yes, there were dropped calls and emails that showed up a couple of days later.
But that is life.

I look forward to great service from my new provider AT&T. I phone company I new as a small child- for most of my life.

Great Day of Twisting all the people at work, because I had to wait for my phone till last Friday.

((( circle of Iphone Hugs )))

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