Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hi! Everyone has done such Wonderful! April Sketches.
Well, here is my entry for April, done with Prismacolor Pencils.
I have used both the Regular and Thin Pencils.
I want to thank everyone who works so hard to provide us this lovely opportunity.
Especially, this month to Jeanette Jobson's exquisite reference photo.


Sydney Harper said...

I like the loose look and free lines in this piece.

Jennifer Rose said...

very colourful :D nice lines through the whole thing

Quilt Knit said...

Thank-you, Sydney Harper, and Jennifer Rose. for the wonderful comments. I really enjoyed this drawing. I think I almost put to much in to the composition.


Lynn said...

This is really beautiful. I like your use of the ruffled lines. It's very effective in this piece.

Quilt Knit said...

Thank-you, Lynn. I really like using those lines with flowers. I seem to always use lots of color.
It makes them seem alive too me.

MILLY said...

Just looked at the large version of your beautiful drawing, love all the detail and colours.
And again it reminds me of a textile. It is gorgeous.

Leigh said...

I love this. Your use of lines is fabulous and the colors are perfect! And the composition...perfection!!

Chris Hack said...


i love your work. so beautiful. and thank you so much for your advise on my last post on my blog. replied on the comments on that but wanted to reply to everyone who was so kind in person too. really appreciate it. added your blog link to my blogroll.

thanks again


José said...


The colours are quite vivid.
Those pencils must have a good amount of pigment.

Best regards,